Lowdown Kit EFFEX : MT-07(14-18)、XSR700(18)

Brand: Prot

■ U-shaped type【Color】 Silver[Material / material] Steel【specification】Link rod changeBuilt bearingABS model: YesVehicle height adjustment function: None (down amount: seat height -18 mm)Center stand: -EFFEX short side stand here※The image is an image.* The attaching / detaching of the swing arm is necessary for instal...Read more

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■ U-shaped type
【Color】 Silver[Material / material] Steel
Link rod change
Built bearing
ABS model: Yes
Vehicle height adjustment function: None (down amount: seat height -18 mm)
Center stand: -
EFFEX short side stand here

※The image is an image.
* The attaching / detaching of the swing arm is necessary for installation.
* "Height of seat height change" is a measurement value on a vertical line passing through the seat seating position.
※ The value may change slightly depending on vehicle condition. Please consider it a standard.
* The attaching / detaching of the swing arm is necessary for installation.
* By stopping the lowdown, stopping with the normal side stand as it is, the tilt of the car body will tend to occur. Please attach EFFEX short side stand together.
※ Please stop using it on compliant vehicles, vehicles other than conformity models.

Improvement of footsteps, resolve anxiety at stop and get on and off!
Low down in the easy exchange with suspension link.

■ Benefits obtained by lowdown
The genuine car height thought to be sold worldwide is a bit high for us Japanese. In the state where the toes are attached or not attached, it is forced to be tense when starting or stopping. Using the EFFEX Lowdown Kit, you can get a great sense of security by lowering the car height only a little. It is supposed to be able to feel the effect when the feet are raised, the center of gravity lowers, moving while straddling the car body, or when pushing and pulling the car body by hand.

■ Reason for EFFEX Lowdown Kit 18-20 mm down
The EFFEX lowdown kit is a product that reduces the seat height (car height) by exchanging the link part connecting the rear shock and the swing arm.
This part is a part that can change the seat height so easily that the angle of the body falls rearward easily. If you lower the seat height extremely like this, it will be easier when you straddle, you will feel easy to get on at first glance.
However, when you actually run, the characteristics of the rear suspension change, and the tire interferes with the car body, in the worst case the motorcycle frame may crash the ground. Also, as the movement at the time of cornering is greatly affected, turning ability active may also fall considerably.
PLOT repeats exclusive design and original test from 1 for each model based on abundant know-how of know-how and race activities to maximize the stability of the rider and the feet of the vehicle while maintaining the performance I pursued to raise it. As a result, we achieved a lowdown of the maximum down amount "seat height 18 - 20 mm" which is regarded as the best balance for each type of vehicle.
Like a genuine part you can easily get a natural lowdown position.

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Compatible models: MT-07 (14-18), XSR 700 (18)
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